World of War - World War 3

In the present age of Science and Technology, the race of increasing weapons of developed states and the predictions of war are increasing. This war will not be on a small issue or in a small region, it will cover the whole world and it will be World War 3. Some analysts says that this war will be on the issue of water and some analysts says that  this will occur due to Atomic Powers. Whatever the reason is, it will be a devastating time and will be an era of bloodshed and destruction!
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After 2nd World War, United Nations came into existence whose aim was to spread peace in the world but will it be sufficient? For how long will they be able to stop the War? All these latest weapons and war equipment are made without any reason? Hell No, a company like lockheed Martin would never spend too much money on hiring top technicians from around the world to make the latest weapons if they have a chance of getting out of business for a long time. And the Military Industrial Complex which plays a big role in American GDP can survive for long without any war?

The countries like China and Russia who are next competitors of Super Power are challenging American economy speedily. And according to famous analysts the American economy will collapse by 2020 and China would take over. While, on the other hand Soviet Union which was 1/6 of the world once is getting back to business with it's mighty projects around the  world.
So, in coming decades there will be a terrible  mash up of power between the countries and America's only strategy to survive is to keep a state of perpetual war in the world. So, how long would it go along?
And as most of you know Einstein said:

“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought,
but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

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Albert Einstein of world war 3

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