Side Effects of Having Laptop in Lap?

A big fat majority of people now use laptops and the age of Desktop PC's is over, as laptops and smart phones took over. But is it really safe to place your laptop in your lap? I mean the name suggest 'LAP-TOP' to be placed in lap. But there are a lot of questions around like!

  • Does Placing Laptop in Lap make you Infertile?
  • Does use of laptop reduce sperm count in male?
  • Is laptop the cause of skin problems?
  • Can prolonged use of laptop, cause skin cancer?

The answer to all these questions is Yes, to some extent! Prolonged use of Laptops reduce the sperm count as the heat produced by a laptop has adverse effect on male sperms and would cause infertility in the long run!
For those who think this isn't true, why do you think your ball sack is hanging outside of your body? rather than being inside. Yeah, because it is preferable to keep it in cool. And a laptop in your lap isn't cool i must say.
Secondly, you may have heard about ‘toasted skin syndrome’ which is caused by prolonged heat exposure on your skin and it is caused now a days by the prolonged use of laptops placed in your laps. As, the temperature under a laptop is recorded to be 125F (52C) which is enough to give you strange looking dappled skin condition and in worst condition may cause skin cancer as well.

So, i will sum up by suggesting that don't place your laptop in your lap as it bad for you and the laptop as well, as it may cause heating problems due to improper aeration, and you may get affected as well. Rather than placing it in your lap you can place it in front of you, on a table, on a book or anything you can think of (if you think smart :) ).