What is "The Media" ?

Today, we are sitting in homes knowing all the updates of world, what, how and why?  We all know that now this world has become Global Village, it’s ok, but what has make this world a Global village? Isn't its Media? Media works as a mediator between the current issues and people whether the issues are of less importance or more importance, whether the issues are of state or politicians, whether they are of science and technology, whether they are of film or actors, we get to know all these updates by media .The three pillars of state are legislature, executive and judiciary. Media has also become the fourth pillar of state as there is effect of media on the policies and actions of state. In the last decade electronic media has become a growing industry and it is playing an important role in uplifting of a state. Media shape and shakes the state. It also plays an important role in creation of public opinion, for example: right to vote. The purpose of media is to inform, educate and communicate with people. So, if this industry works with honesty than it will be a true acid for any country.