What is Hacking ?

Hacking! What does it stands for? What is its meaning? How to do it? All of us are well aware of this word? The thing is that we all want to do this once or again and again. Some of you wants to hack your friend's account and some wants to hack their girl-friend's account. The one who do hacking is called hacker. This thing is not limited to orkut, facebook, hotmail, yahoo or gmail account, it can also happen with your bank account. Its an interesting hobby and a time consuming thing which can take several hours or in some cases several days. Its also an addiction to teenagers because hacking is a catchy word and gives a good impression of yours if someone know that you know hacking or you are a hacker. It is also a professional task and there are classes and coarse for this. So here i am not gonna tell you how to hack an account but i can advise you to take precautions while using your account and never give your password to anyone. Change your password after a month or two. Make your password a combination of alphabets and numbers.And never think of become a hacker because sometimes you waste your precious time and do not get a single idea of hacking, it is also a crime. So avoid hacking and enjoy.