Brian Wilson is going to play for Dodgers


Brian Wilson is once again in news. The man who is always excited is happier than before. Well he is going to play for Dodgers. He said that he is damn excited to bring his takent to L.A. He is boosted and got a higher energy level for playing for Dodgers.

He with his famous beard style is running on the roads, giving interviews. He epresses his excitement in the way he always do.The deal is of $1 million for 1year contract with Dodgers. Brian said, ''Well I am a pretty big American fan.... red, white and Dodger blue, I guess.''

The oher people are also excited to see him in action. While talking about San Francisco scenario, He said, ''I got much love for San Francisco. We had a good time. But there's nothing I can do ... they don't want me back.''Well lets check out what will happen. he is in full confidence ready to face any one. So lets see what Beard will do.

Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto Split


Famous due to his role in The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley is getting through hard time these days. His married life is in trouble. Thirty one years old Paul Wesley is an American actor best known for his television dramas ''The Vampire Diaries'' and ''Fallen''.


Torrey Devito is an American actress, model and musician. She is best knows as Liars actress. beautiful Torrey Devitto is twenty nine years old. They married two years ago in 2011. They will still remain good friends after divorcing. They had a great love story. they met on the sets of the ''kiiler movie''. And than they fall in love and married secretly. Both are young and have their life in front of them. they know better why they are doing this. they will remain good friends after getting divorced.

Jennifer Aniston Covers ''Glamour'' September 2013

With a hot new movie ''We are Millers'' Jennifer just hit the Galmour Magazine. She is the cover star of September 2013. The shoot is in black Noroiso Rodriguez dress.. She is looking sharp beautiful actress having her succesful past in her eyes.

She gave interview to her co star Jason Sudeikis. She shared a lot. She also talked about her fiance. Fort four years old Jennifer was really delighted while discussing her fiance. She said that Justin Theroux has great paternal instincts. She also related about Jason;s fiancee Olivia Wilde controversial speech and the scandal that made. but she was not looking happy while discussing that, in fact she was looking a bit angry.

On talking about happiness she said being happy is something really good. To be a happy person you want to know yourself . You want a family. She said that Jason and she has this thing (happiness) and they are going to marry soon.

Natasha Henstridge and Darius Campbell to divorce

Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian actress who get fame from her debut film ''Species''. She has a wonderfulcarrier as a actress and super model. Thirty eight years old Natasha is going through a tough period of her life. Natasha has just filed divorce from husband Darius Campbell (previously known as Darius Danesh).

Nobody knows what happened they just married two years before and had spent a wonderful Valentine's Day at Los Angeles. They married after having seven years old relationship. They have two kids trister and Asher. Well they are living in  california in one home but sources says that Darius will leave soon from her home located in Sharman Oaks, California.

Well now they are going to divorce as they just visited court with their lawyers. They will split because they agreed at divorce mutually. This beautiful couple is going to split. They had a long journey of love. They spent good time. No one knows what's the reason behind this.

Avril Lavigne and and Chad Kroeger having wonderful married life

The newly married couple is just enjoying their married life. They spent the honey moon in Italy. Chad Kroeger lover her a lot. He cried when he saw her beautiful bride in black gown. He said on wedding day that '' I had goosebumps from head to toe and my eyes get filled with tears. It's a moment i will never forger as long as I live''.

Chad proposed her and make his wish true of getting marry to her. Now they just attending parties together. Avril and Chad married during three days of celebrations at French chateau. Both are giving interviews and sharing their best experience. Avril just said that ''I felt so good walking to him. It made me feel like a complete women.''

Now they better know that which is the next spot they are going to visit. As every night they are spooted at new place having fun.

1940s Men Hairstyles

We all have heard that the fashion repeats itself and hairstyles of 1940s were pretty retro fashionable to be repeated in 2013-2014 and they are in fashion again now a days. If you want to go to a retro party or even a simple party then retro hairstyles could really come in handy giving you a sophisticated formal look which you would like to have to give than edge over others.
Old classic 1940s retro hairstyles for men
Men Hairstyles 1940s

In 1940s they used to have the flattop hairstyles along with crew cuts, now usually we see them on soldiers but back in the days they were the hot shots and could be these days too if styles properly. Other hairstyles were side flip hairstyles and back flip hairstyles which were low maintenance hairstyles back in the days and some of them actually look pretty well. Even stars like Harvey Specter from TV Show Suits has the same back flipped hairstyles along with other celebs like Henry Cavill.

The best ways to make the 1940s hairstyles were to grow little bangs and make them go way back from the ears hence giving a consistent wave to them. For giving the proper styling after combing they used Vaseline or lard to make the hair stand where they belong. The vintage hairstyles looks good on a party or a vintage party and many modern age stars also still have those hairstyles. Check the best looking vintage hairstyles of 1940s in the pictures.

How to Make 1940s Hairstyle For Men

1940s Hairstyle Pictures

1940s men hairs
1940s Side Flick

1940 1950 hairstyles

men classic hairstlyes

crew cuts 1940s men hairstyle

crew cut back style

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