Samsung GALAXY S3

After the success of Samsung Galaxy S1 and S2 Samsung has launched the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 which is one of the best mobile phones ever.Is this revolution in technology is giving tough competition to Apple iPhone technology as it is much cheaper than iPhone? It is an Android phone with the best of its functions.This phone has been released in present year in May on an event chaired by the official of Samsung Electronics.Its design is inspired by nature with smooth curves and shiny surface which appeals the buyers.It has touch screen with high definition display.The bright display is maintained as long as you are looking on the screen.This phone is "designed for humans" which is the slogan of Samsung Galaxy S3.Here are the specifications :

Super AMOLED capacitve touchscreen
Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Protection
8.6mm thick
Android OS, v4.0.4 - Icecream Sandwich
1GB RAM - Supports up to 64GB
Quad-Core 1.4 GHz Cortex A-9 Processor
Battery timings 600hours Standby timings and 12hours talk time
Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, WLAN,  EDGE
8 MP Camera with HD video and image
Vibrating nudge for miscalls and messages
Pebble Blue and Market White Colours

From above features you would like to have it and enjoy the life as it is "designed for humans".Clicking pictures, talking continuesly, having apps and fast speed makes this phone a beast.Its price is $691.

Dragon Tattoos

unique dragon tattoo

Tattoos are cool, trendy and zestful and most of the people love to wear them. Having a tattoo engraved over the body is considered as a symbol of pride. And people sure do love to have them. Here in this post we will show you some new tattoo designs, the Dragon tattoo designs.
angelina dragon tattoo on arm

Dragon tattoo designs are in fashion for a long time now and people are still going in for them. Dragon tattoo designs are famous because dragons their self are mysterious and because of that dragon tattoos are the symbol of mystery. Also dragons too are fast and agile and powerful, so this combination goes well with the image of certain persons or with the image they want to portray.
Only men are not interested but women too are having the dragon tattoos and they seem to love them equally. Chinese dragon tattoos, Japanese dragon tattoos, blue dragon tattoos, red dragon tattoos, tribal dragon tattoos & celtic dragon tattoos are famous among all and are liked by millions of the people around the globe.

Dragon Tattoos Design

dragon tattoo style 2013 2014

chinese dragon tattoo

dragon tattoo on back

Dragon Tattoos For Men

dragon tattoo and heart tattoo

back dragon tattoo blue red dragon

Dragon Tattoos For Women

dragon on chinese girl tattoo

anime dragon tattoo design

Sony Xperia U

Sony has launched the Next series and we have seen quite amazing mobile phones in the Xperia Line-UP and the most amazing of them is the Xperia U.

As it is loaded with all the latest technologies and is quite economical, which makes it more attractive. With a price tag little higher than Xperia Ray the Xperia U is having a dual core processor and much more. Check out the Specifications of the mobile:

Sony Xperia U Specs:

OS: Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread) planned upgrade to v4.0
CPU: Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
GPU: Mali-400MP
Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity, compass
CAMERA:  5 MP with LED Flash and Auto Focus
Weight: 110g
DISPLAY: Type LED-backlit LCD, 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
PPI: 280 PPI pixel density
Battery: Li-Ion 1320 mAh Talk time Up to 6 h 36 min (2G) / Up to 5 h 36 min (3G) Music play Up to 45 h

Sony Xperia U Price:

Sony Xperia U is quite economical and the price is about 220 EUR.

Sony Xperia U Cons:

Limited Memory 4gb with no Micro SSD Slot
Exchangeable caps are not impressive.
Camera Quality is poor and noisy.

Sony Xperia U Pros:

Quite economical
Handy Design
Sharp Screen


Overall it is a good smart phone with a reasonable price range and competitive performance. The transparent lid is a nice design feature which is something innovative from Sony. But if you need a better camera you should go for xperia ray, which has excellent camera result but single core processor. So, we let it to you to decide where you wanna trade off.

5G Technology

5g stands for 5th Generation. 5th generation mobile network or 5th generation wireless system is used in mobile telecommunication. This innovative technology has also given tough competition to other international top brands.It is a revolution in technology. The combination of all technologies is an excellent thing but having this in you hand is out of thoughts. 5g technology has also strike the international mobile market. It is amazing that a small device with 5g network can connects as many features. In future, mobile phones with 5g technology will give tough competition to laptops and tablets PC's. It will be a best combination of latest phones with 5g network.
Following are the features of this technology.

*Advanced billing interfaces.                                 
*Global Connectivity
*High Speed / 25Mbps of Connectivity Speed
*Best for Business
*Private Networking
* Fast and Accurate
*Large broadcasting of data in Gigabit
*Resistive in terms of errors
*Ultrasound Technology
*Video Conferencing
*Display, Camera and Time Machine
*Storage and Body Colours
* Solar Panel in 5g
*iOS 6

Well this generation is coming after 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. So it will give tough competition to laptops, cell phones and other telecommunication devices. This is wireless technology which is more entertaining than ever giving users all that they need in a mobile set.Well this is the best thing with latest software, latest hardware and the latest ideas. Be ready for this revolution in technology!

Facebook Wall Vs Facebook Timeline

Face book, we all know is a social website started in February 2004.  An ex-student of Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg is founder and CEO at face book. Face book officials have always made this website a best social network and easy to use for its subscribers. Many versions of face book have been changed till now. The latest version is Timeline. Face book timeline was introduced in the end of September 2011 and originally published on December 15, 2011. It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg at face book's F8 conference hosted in US. Before face book timeline, changes occurred with this website, but these changes were applied on wall. New options and profile gadgets were limited to wall. But face book timeline is entire new look to face book profile and pages. Face book timeline changes your profile from your most recent updates to your entire life history. Recent updates on timeline are divided into two columns. You can highlight and hide posts on your profile. There is an addition of cover photo along with your display photo. Information box is given below the display photo. There are four boxes on top right with your profile information; two of which are filled with friends and photos. You can add events, likes, subscriptions and other options to these boxes. Map is a new addition. Timeline requires your date of birth to be added that is why face book encourages adding your date of birth and completing your profile. It has the same privacy settings as the previous 'Wall' had. People are not moving to timeline. Face book timeline is not appealing to users, they are not willing to use this version as there profiles. Whereas face book announces that timeline goes live on August 13, 2012. Be ready for the new look, it is difficult for lovers of face book wall to make timeline as there profile. Hope you enjoy using timeline or wait for the next profile template.

London Olympics 2012

Olympics 2012 started today on 27 July 2012.The city of London will host the 2012 Olympic Games this season. Country of the host city is Great Britain. Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Americas will make this sports festival a memory and the mash up between then will make the sports win. Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint, Cycling-BMX, Cycling-Mountain Bike, Cycling-Road, Cycling-Track, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics-Artistic, Gymnastics Rhythmic, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Synchronize Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Trampoline, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling are the games to be played in Olympics. Media/Press is allowed freely to capture this event from every angle. The security is strict and No Violence is the demand. People are ready to join the venues, prices are high and tickets are sold, no matter. Some tips for entering the venue and to have a great Olympic Games are: Prepare your-selves for security checks, bring as little as you can, leave plenty of time to travel to venue and the only way of pay is by Debit card or by Cash. Enjoy this event with your family and friends. Click pictures with your favorite athletes. The ending date is Sunday, 12 August 2012.

Pictures of London Olympics 2012 :

Orkut - Let's Remember Old Times.

Orkut was launched on January 2004 by Google. It is named after its creator who is Google employee Orkut Buyukkokten. It is one of the most visited website in Brazil. In Pakistan and India it has also many users. Is is a social website with millions of active users. It spread in days as it was loved by the users. At the end of July 2004 it surpassed one million members and at the end of September 2004 it surpassed two million members. During 2004 to 2010 it was the one of the most running social website. But the numbers of fake profiles were also increased. This was due to users want to add friends to their profile and increase the number of there friends. Till now orkut came with three versions. The first version was mostly liked by the users and it was the best version for a social website. At the end of 2008, orkut introduced a new version Orkut Beta. This version was for two to three years and then a new version which is the present version introduced. These changes in versions were not liked by the most of the users and users switched to some other social websites. One more reason for the decrease in the traffic of this social website is change in policies. Because orkut users were fond of the liberty in sending requests, making fake accounts, using flooding machines for increasing scraps and making your social circle more complex. The strictness in the policies can be considered as a drawback for Orkut as a social website. And if the first version of orkut with the policies which were in starting of orkut  were, come back than orkut will again at top charts in social websites with the top number of users! And the old times will come back!

Tribal Tattoos For Men and Women

Tattoos are in fashion for quiet a time now. And one special type of tattoo is the Tribal tattoos, so what are tribal tattoos? The meaning of tribal tattoos are to depict a certain distinctive feature associated with each tattoo.
tribal tattoo man chest
Tribal Tattoo Men

There are a number of tattoos which fall in this category also there are mixture of these tattoos with others to form a unique tattoo. Some of the famous tribal tattoos are tribal heart tattoo, tribal butterfly tattoo, black tribal cross tattoos, tribal armband tattoos and Samoan tribal tattoos.
People now a days tend to find unique designs and shapes and collaborate them with the tribal tattoos to give them a new meaning. The amazing thing about tattoos is that every person has it's own explanation for a specific type of tattoo and two same tattoos could have entirely same meaning for two different persons. Like a lion tattoo depicts power and strength while also it depicts the superiority and courage.

You should check some of the amazing arts down here, which will surely make you think about having one. Some of the Famous tribal tattoo designs are as follows:

Tribal Tattoos Famous Design 2012

eagle tribal tattoo design
Popular tribal tattoo design eagle

tattoo design lion
Popular tribal tattoo design lion

eagle tribal tattoo most popular design
Popular tribal tattoo design eagle

tribal tattoo snake
Popular tribal tattoo design Snake

Tribal Tattoos for Women

sexy shoulder tribal tattoo for women
tribal tattoo for women on shoulder

tribal tattoo on women belly
tribal tattoo for women on belly

women with tattoo on back shoulder design
tribal tattoo for women back and shoulder

women flower tribal tattoo
tribal tattoo for women on back
women fire tattoo style
tribal tattoo for women belly

model with tribal tattoo

women color tattoo

wallpaper women tribal tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men

Tribal Tattoos for Men arm chest

Tribal Tattoos for Men arm blue skull

Tribal Tattoos for Men back

Tribal Tattoos for Men Shoulder

Tribal Tattoos for Men Arm

tribal tattoo best design man back
Amazing Tribal Back Tattoo