Love at First Sight Possible?

Yesterday, i was in the market roaming around doing some regular shopping. Suddenly, i saw a beautiful girl and was instantly attracted to her. So, is it love at first sight?
 Well sorry for disappointing all you who think it was love at first sight. Because a simple attraction can't be termed as Love at First Sight. 8.2 seconds of eye contact can turn into love? It is little more tricky!
girl staring boy love at first sight

Love at first sight may or may not be possible. Because you love what appeals you and you will certainly be attracted towards it. But, in my opinion it is not love it is just an attraction which may occur even after two years of knowing a person. Maybe because of his/her attitude or response to a certain situation, but it may get affected when something happens the other way around.
Suppose you see a attractive girl, then automatically you will stare at her like 80% of the men. But, what about the other 20% well they don't have love at first sight? No, they are strong enough to let go even if they liked the girl at first. Because they have other source of entertainment!
So, i would to conclude that love at first sight is nothing but an attraction which would last as long as you don't get another source of pleasure. Still, do you think you had love at first sight?

 titanic love at first sight

picture of girl staring

love in black couple