Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Chilled Beers
This time we are here with beer brands in the top ten countdowns. When we talk about drinks, apart from soft drinks beer is a best entertaining and refreshing drink. Its craze around America is amazing. After every meal people take it as a cocktail snack. In Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Italy and Bahrain and in many other countries there are hundreds of beer brands which people love to drink. Many share holders are investing more and more in beer brands because they are getting a lot of profit in return due to its high sale rate. But most of the beer companies have their origin in America. Different types of beers are famous due to their taste. Some like light beers because they can have it more than other beers in one session. They are served chilled in bars and are essential component of a night party. Groups have different opinions about the tastes. Some like the mixture of two or three, sometimes four different brands. They think that by mixing different beers they develop a new taste which is more energizing. Beer has a massive history. It’s been centuries when it was introduced by Britain. And then it was transmitted in different regions with in no time. Here are the top ten beer brands of the world.

10. Samuel Adams:

9. Miller Lite:

8. Foster's Beer:

7. Bud Lite Beer:


6. San Miguel Pale Pilsen:

5. Amstel Beer:

4. Cerveza Dos Equis:


3. Heineken Beer:

2. New Castle Brown Ale:

1. Sierra Naveda Pale Ale:

Well these are the top ten beer brands of 2013 from all over the world. You may add comment if you have some other brand in your mind, which you want to add in this list. Thanks for watching this countdown.

Love Tattoos

love tattoos for couples

Love is the most important of emotions, and we can change the world with the power of love. And to spread the message of love is our moral duty, we have the liberty of doing that any possible way. Why not in form of tattoos? In that way this message of love is a constant remainder for the person itself, and for the on lookers too. Where there are uncountable forms of tattoos starting from tribal tattoos, dragon tattoos, Heart tattoos to quote tattoos; Love tattoos can be a unique idea to carry forward.

love written in german tattoo

Like any other tattoos, Love tattoos too have a wonderful range of options from which a person could choose from. Starting from the four letter word 'LOVE' to the hearts, a person can choose practically anything to support this love message to his body. Words just can't describe the real meaning of the tattoos in my opinion, because people can be judgmental about the choice of words. But the Love tattoos surely are something of great value, as they give you an inspiration to achieve something. As love is the only purest thing that exists in the universe, and spreading out this message in any way possible is a noble deed if you ask me. 

Coming towards the common style of these tattoos, we see many cool designs. Like Lil Wayne tattoos on his eyes a message 'Fear God' same way little words can make your tattoo charming. Other than plain words, symbolic representations can be used which convey the message you intent to spread. Another way of thinking of Love Tattoos is between lovers, which is entirely a different topic. People do all kind of crazy things in Love, which other persons won't do or consider them stupid. But people do get those sort of love tattoos too, and we would show you a number of examples in the images section below. So lookout for your favorite tattoos and hit us with your opinion too.
love tattoo on arms
Love Tattoo on Arms

heart tattoo for belly
Heart Tattoo on Belly

heart with headphones tattoo

love quote tattoo

love on fingers tattoo

love heart on necks
Love Tattoo

tattoo love girl

love myself tattoo on boys back
Love Myself Tattoo

Smartphone Makers Ranking 2012

many smartphones in pic

The Smartphone sales were on a flight this year, beating the previous year record of cellphone sales by 1.2% in quarter 4 of 2012. The worldwide market grew by 1.9% in quarter 4 of 2012 vendors shipped over 712.6 million cellphones in 2012 which is 44.1% more than 2011 to be precise.

"The high-growth smartphone market, though dominated by Samsung and Apple, still presents ample opportunities for challengers, Vendors with unique market advantages, such as lower-cost devices, can rapidly gain market share, especially in emerging markets. A good example is Huawei, which overtook LG as a Top 5 vendor in the overall mobile phone market and passed HTC to become a Top 5 smartphone vendor."
-Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Samsung remained top of the list in 2012 with a clear margin making the record for shipping the largest number of cellphones, in one quarter and in one year too. The Galaxy series was a hot cake for the market as you know.

Apple came second with the overwhelming demand of Iphone 4 worldwide and rapidly increased sales in China and other emerging markets. The sales in US increased dramatically too, when you look at the stats.

Huawei just came from nowhere and with a clever strategy found it's way into the top 3, beating major competition. The company shipment grew by 89.5% year-over-year, dragging it from top 10 to top 3 suddenly. However, the market share isn't so huge like Samsung and Apple i.e 29% amd 21.8% respectively. But the 4.9% market it captured is due to the economical and better designed cellphones.

Sony after acquiring Ericsson's stake in 2011 has held the market of high end smartphones firmly. The year-to-year change rose to 55.6% which is the second highest after Huawei. It seems that Sony is still longing for acquiring the mid-range market but getting more attention when it comes to high end smartphones. The market shares are going to boom with the release of Sony Xperia Z and Sony Zl which are coming in 2013's first quarter.

ZTE having a prime position as vendor stays in the top 5 with it's 4.3% market share. The increase in emerging markets tend to benefit ZTE more as we see a 48.4% year to year change in it's corner.

2012 top vendors smartphone

Where some companies like Huawei and Sony had a good year, Nokia and RIM sem to suffer a lot this year. With the wide spread of Android market,  some companies are finding it harder to strive back. While other's like Samsung and Sony seem to enjoy iy to the very core. The Smartphones are becoming common, and 2013 seems to be a crucial year for many smart phone vendors as anything can happen.

Iphone 5s Coming In July

After the much awaited release of Iphone 5 last year, it is time for Apple to move on with the Iphone 5 flagship. Of course, Iphone 5s is coming as 3gs and 4s came after Iphone 3g and 4 respectively. After the latest report from iLounge we came to know that Iphone 5s is going to be launched in July.

So start saving if you are an Apple fan, if not you can always go for another brand. But this is not it, the company is going to launch the next generation tablet line up too with the same design as their predecessors. Ipad mini and Ipad 5 are coming too in October 2013. Ipad mini is reportedly having a Retina Display too so Apple has rose the bar there.

But talking of Iphone 5s we are expecting a better performing device as compared to the Iphone 5.  A faster processor and a better camera is a must, the upgrades to come in Iphone 5s are:

  • Faster Processor
  • 13 Megapixel Camera Sensor by Sony
  • Better Video Capture
  • Finger Print Sensor Technology

The design of the phone will remain the same sadly, the same old 4-inch display. However, the price is expected to jump giving a room to Iphone 5 for staying in the market. But what we wish the most in Iphone 5s are better Maps. Hope Apple sees the world as it is, this time when designing their maps!

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Navel Piercing Styles

best belly piercing

Navel piercing is the type of body piercing around the navel. It is also known as belly button piercing. It can be done vertically or horizontally around navel. It is mostly liked by females. Actually navel piercing has now become a trend and fashion symbol. It looks classy on girls wearing short tops.

navel piercing ring

belly piercing with tattoos

   From historic perspective navel piercing was a sign of courage. In wars people did this to show bravery. Egyptians did this practice and it was done by both men and women.

 Well today navel piercing is one of the most popular body piercing. Navel jewelry is of different types. Barbells and rings are use as its jewelry. Now there is a variety of navel jewelry in market. They are more attractive and eye-catching. Navel rings are of different colors and types of different price.

 Navel piercing is hurtful activity. The healing time of navel piercing is from 5 to 6 months. A lot of care is required to do this because it can cause infection. Go to some experienced worker for navel piercing and don’t touch the pierced area and jewelry after piercing. Give it some time, do not move the jewelry and take care of the pierced area while sleeping. Steam clean your belly button or clean it with salty water after a day after piercing. Do not wear tight and restricted clothes.

navel piercing

 Well it is a stunning way of piercing and a wide range of bell rings in jewelry is present in markets. Vertical and horizontal navel piercings are done with piercing equipment's which are clean and designed so they do not hurt the body. Now navel piercing is one of the most popular piercings.

Windows 8, Some Cool Features and Photos

Windows 8 has come with remarkable features. It is an operating system with improved functions. It is touch-screen oriented for tablets as well as PCs. It is more secure and faster. Picture password is a great new addition in security. It is more social than ever. By cloud you can synchronize your data anywhere. The new Windows Explorer is striking. Here are the features of Windows 8.


Windows 8 comes with a new look. Its desktop has great look with lots of apps at start screen and a new task bar.


It can be installed on the same hardware that is compatible with windows 7.

Windows Store:

In windows store you can install great apps. There is a huge market of apps for windows 8. These apps make work easy for you.

Cloud-Connected with your Microsoft:

By signing in your Microsoft account from windows 8 device you can connect with your files, documents and settings and people you care about.

MSN for Windows 8:

With fast speed, new style and world class content from worldwide sources MSN for Windows 8 has been totally re-imagined.

Millions of Songs:

With X Box Music app in windows 8 you can access to millions of songs.

Windows 8 is everywhere:

With your Microsoft account you can see you Windows 8 display preferences, background and settings at any device.


Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Windows Update makes Windows 8 more secure than ever.

New Windows 8 PCs:

Lenova ThinkPad 2 Tablet, Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Tablet, Dell XPS 14 Touch screen Notebook and HP Spectre XT 13 Touch screen notebook are Windows 8 based devices.

Windows 8 can also be upgraded. It can be installed on the same hardware that powers Windows 7 and Vista.

Is Android killing Apple? Check this Out

In the present age technology has become very advance. The software’s in mobile phones and other gadgets are amazing.  There was a time when Google had not launched Android. At that time Apple was leading with its software iOS. iOS was enjoying its fame as people were attracted towards it. But as Android has launched, with in no time it became the frontline competitor of iOS. Android apps were liked by the people and Android just exploded in market. Now Android market value is accepted by the people. Samsung Galaxy S3 is an Android phone. HTC is also launching its phones with Android as its software. HTC One X is ruling market which is also Android phone. iOS is only limited to Apple gadgets. No doubt iOS has splendid apps but Android has become the voice of the people. Google play, the app store of Android has millions of apps. Android apps are very famous due to its fast speed. No doubt Android is making millions of dollars with its worthy apps. Android in tablets and notes is also working at its best. People mind set have been changed, now they are looking more interested in Android. The number of Android users is growing. In near future Android will take off iOS as it is progressing day by day? Well future will tell the answer of this question.

2013 Eminem Best Songs

eminem wallpaper

I had this random idea to pay tribute to the Best Rapper of all time EMINEM, in a form of a list of his top songs of all times. Eminem had some massive hits in his career and some downfalls as well after which 'he made the recovery kid'. A poor guy from Detroit ended up being the biggest rapper of all times despite of the fact that he is white. The catchy lyrics and incredible delivery is what made Eminem the rapper he is.
This list covers all, from his first song to his 2013 Songs.
Some call him the 'Rap Genius' other's call him Prick see what he say about himself,
You know I just don't get it
Last year I was nobody
This year I'm selling records
Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em something
Heh, the fuck you want from me, ten million dollars?
Get the fuck out of here
You see I'm, just Marshall Mathers
I'm just a regular guy, I don't know why all the fuss about me
Nobody ever gave a fuck before, all they did was doubt me
Now everybody wanna run they mouth and try to take shots at me
-Lyrics from Song I am Marshall Mathers

So check out this list of Eminem Top Songs down here.

Number 10

Title: C'mon Let me Ride ft Skylar Grey
Album: C'mon Let me Ride
Released: 2013

Number 9

Title: The Way I am
Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
Released: 2000

Number 8

Title: No Love
Album: Recovery
Released: 2010

Number 7

Title: Not Afraid
Album: Recovery
Released: 2010

Number 6

Title: When I am Gone
Album: Curtain Call
Released: 2005

Number 5

Title: My life ft 50 cent
Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
Released: 2013

Number 4

Title: I need a Doctor ft Dr Dre
Album: Explicit-After Math Records
Released: 2011

Number 3

Title: Smack that ft Akon
Album: Konvicted
Released: 2006

Number 2

Title: Love the Way you lie
Album: Recovery
Released: 2010

Number 1

Title: Lose Yourself
Album: 8 Miles Movie
Released: 2002

This is our choice of the top 10 songs of Eminem, you have the right to disagree. But do let us know what you think, with your feed back.

Moari Tattoos

moari rock tattoo wwe

Another form of tribal tattoos, moari Tattoos can be considered as the most painful tattoos. An ancient tattoo art which has it's roots in New Zealand. These tattoos were made by cutting and pricking the skin not leaving it smooth, and then color it afterwards. They used the word tatu for it, so basically the word Tattoo also has it's origin from there.

The Moari tattoo art was considered a warrior symbol- a sign of bravery. Indeed it was a sign of bravery as it included heavy pain, in which people sometime died at the spot. The males used to had it on their faces, while women tend to have it on their lips and buttocks. The artists used to do it with chisels made from albatross bones hefted onto a handle. The amazing part here is that, all the tattoos made back then used to be different meaning no two tattoos looked similar to each other when closely observed.

Moari rihanna picture hand

Moari tyson tattoo picture

Now a days the Moari Tattoos are loved by people who have an extreme thirst for tattoos. Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Rihanna, Dwayne Johnson- The Rock and Robbie Williams all have Moari style inspired tattoos. The beauty of Moari tattoo is that it covers a lot part of your body, but for it to look good you must have a good toned muscular body. Moari arm and shoulder tattoos cover all your shoulder and the Moari face tattoo too covers a large part of your face. So when choosing moari tattoo be sure that it is the one you want, else you won't want to ruin your face for life. Check some nice designs for moari tattoos, hope you'll like them.

moari on arm

chinese men with Moari tattoo

tattoo moari shoulder picture

face and arm moari tattoos pictures

moari tribal tattoo