Windows 8, Some Cool Features and Photos

Windows 8 has come with remarkable features. It is an operating system with improved functions. It is touch-screen oriented for tablets as well as PCs. It is more secure and faster. Picture password is a great new addition in security. It is more social than ever. By cloud you can synchronize your data anywhere. The new Windows Explorer is striking. Here are the features of Windows 8.


Windows 8 comes with a new look. Its desktop has great look with lots of apps at start screen and a new task bar.


It can be installed on the same hardware that is compatible with windows 7.

Windows Store:

In windows store you can install great apps. There is a huge market of apps for windows 8. These apps make work easy for you.

Cloud-Connected with your Microsoft:

By signing in your Microsoft account from windows 8 device you can connect with your files, documents and settings and people you care about.

MSN for Windows 8:

With fast speed, new style and world class content from worldwide sources MSN for Windows 8 has been totally re-imagined.

Millions of Songs:

With X Box Music app in windows 8 you can access to millions of songs.

Windows 8 is everywhere:

With your Microsoft account you can see you Windows 8 display preferences, background and settings at any device.


Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Windows Update makes Windows 8 more secure than ever.

New Windows 8 PCs:

Lenova ThinkPad 2 Tablet, Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Tablet, Dell XPS 14 Touch screen Notebook and HP Spectre XT 13 Touch screen notebook are Windows 8 based devices.

Windows 8 can also be upgraded. It can be installed on the same hardware that powers Windows 7 and Vista.