Is Android killing Apple? Check this Out

In the present age technology has become very advance. The software’s in mobile phones and other gadgets are amazing.  There was a time when Google had not launched Android. At that time Apple was leading with its software iOS. iOS was enjoying its fame as people were attracted towards it. But as Android has launched, with in no time it became the frontline competitor of iOS. Android apps were liked by the people and Android just exploded in market. Now Android market value is accepted by the people. Samsung Galaxy S3 is an Android phone. HTC is also launching its phones with Android as its software. HTC One X is ruling market which is also Android phone. iOS is only limited to Apple gadgets. No doubt iOS has splendid apps but Android has become the voice of the people. Google play, the app store of Android has millions of apps. Android apps are very famous due to its fast speed. No doubt Android is making millions of dollars with its worthy apps. Android in tablets and notes is also working at its best. People mind set have been changed, now they are looking more interested in Android. The number of Android users is growing. In near future Android will take off iOS as it is progressing day by day? Well future will tell the answer of this question.