Iphone 5s Coming In July

After the much awaited release of Iphone 5 last year, it is time for Apple to move on with the Iphone 5 flagship. Of course, Iphone 5s is coming as 3gs and 4s came after Iphone 3g and 4 respectively. After the latest report from iLounge we came to know that Iphone 5s is going to be launched in July.

So start saving if you are an Apple fan, if not you can always go for another brand. But this is not it, the company is going to launch the next generation tablet line up too with the same design as their predecessors. Ipad mini and Ipad 5 are coming too in October 2013. Ipad mini is reportedly having a Retina Display too so Apple has rose the bar there.

But talking of Iphone 5s we are expecting a better performing device as compared to the Iphone 5.  A faster processor and a better camera is a must, the upgrades to come in Iphone 5s are:

  • Faster Processor
  • 13 Megapixel Camera Sensor by Sony
  • Better Video Capture
  • Finger Print Sensor Technology

The design of the phone will remain the same sadly, the same old 4-inch display. However, the price is expected to jump giving a room to Iphone 5 for staying in the market. But what we wish the most in Iphone 5s are better Maps. Hope Apple sees the world as it is, this time when designing their maps!

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