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Another form of tribal tattoos, moari Tattoos can be considered as the most painful tattoos. An ancient tattoo art which has it's roots in New Zealand. These tattoos were made by cutting and pricking the skin not leaving it smooth, and then color it afterwards. They used the word tatu for it, so basically the word Tattoo also has it's origin from there.

The Moari tattoo art was considered a warrior symbol- a sign of bravery. Indeed it was a sign of bravery as it included heavy pain, in which people sometime died at the spot. The males used to had it on their faces, while women tend to have it on their lips and buttocks. The artists used to do it with chisels made from albatross bones hefted onto a handle. The amazing part here is that, all the tattoos made back then used to be different meaning no two tattoos looked similar to each other when closely observed.

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Now a days the Moari Tattoos are loved by people who have an extreme thirst for tattoos. Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Rihanna, Dwayne Johnson- The Rock and Robbie Williams all have Moari style inspired tattoos. The beauty of Moari tattoo is that it covers a lot part of your body, but for it to look good you must have a good toned muscular body. Moari arm and shoulder tattoos cover all your shoulder and the Moari face tattoo too covers a large part of your face. So when choosing moari tattoo be sure that it is the one you want, else you won't want to ruin your face for life. Check some nice designs for moari tattoos, hope you'll like them.

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