Top 10 Beer Brands of the World 2013

Chilled Beers
This time we are here with beer brands in the top ten countdowns. When we talk about drinks, apart from soft drinks beer is a best entertaining and refreshing drink. Its craze around America is amazing. After every meal people take it as a cocktail snack. In Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Italy and Bahrain and in many other countries there are hundreds of beer brands which people love to drink. Many share holders are investing more and more in beer brands because they are getting a lot of profit in return due to its high sale rate. But most of the beer companies have their origin in America. Different types of beers are famous due to their taste. Some like light beers because they can have it more than other beers in one session. They are served chilled in bars and are essential component of a night party. Groups have different opinions about the tastes. Some like the mixture of two or three, sometimes four different brands. They think that by mixing different beers they develop a new taste which is more energizing. Beer has a massive history. It’s been centuries when it was introduced by Britain. And then it was transmitted in different regions with in no time. Here are the top ten beer brands of the world.

10. Samuel Adams:

9. Miller Lite:

8. Foster's Beer:

7. Bud Lite Beer:


6. San Miguel Pale Pilsen:

5. Amstel Beer:

4. Cerveza Dos Equis:


3. Heineken Beer:

2. New Castle Brown Ale:

1. Sierra Naveda Pale Ale:

Well these are the top ten beer brands of 2013 from all over the world. You may add comment if you have some other brand in your mind, which you want to add in this list. Thanks for watching this countdown.