iPhone 5 launched Today

No more rumors, no more wait, Apple Inc. has officially launched iPhone 5. Journalists are invited on this mega event which will hold at San Francisco hosted by the officials of Apple Inc. It is expected that 3.3million units will be sold in just three days and more than ten million in a week. The latest version of Apple iPhone till now is iPhone 4S which is a beast itself. iPhone 5 is coming with the iOS 6 as operating system. With new additions in iOS 6, no doubt it will be a mega launch. A larger screen is expected with finest high-resolution, high-definition, smart and slim, with best applications to rule the market.  A healthy battery, improved camera, 1GB of RAM and faster processor is going to give its fans endless fun. But one confusing thing is that it is the sixth generation of iPhone and the name for this new launch is “iPhone 5 “or simply the “new iPhone”?



Display: Touch screen with multi touch, 4.0inches

Memory: 16/32/64 internal storage, 1GB of RAM.

Data: GPRS, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB.

Camera: 8 MP, LED flash, touch focus, Video.

OS: iOS 6

Battery: Healthier than iPhone 4S, 40hours music timings.

Apps: Twitter, Facebook etc

Well this will be a beast with unlimited applications; it will also give tough time to its competitors like Samsung Galaxy phones and HTC latest phones. This mega launch is taking technology to a new start because it is really a beast.  

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