Jennifer Lopez in trouble after Performing for President of Turkmenistan

jennifer lopez performing in turkmenistan

Making easy bucks has gotten Jennifer Lopez pretty badly and now she is looking for damage control but we don't see that coming either. Jennifer Lopez has performed for the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow in a concert in Avasa specially done in honor of the birthday boy Mr. President, complete with a serenade of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President".

The hardcore performance bitted Jennifer Lopez really bad when the people started using it against her as Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is the worst President of the world when it comes to Human Rights violation and is accused of extreme censorship, ethnic repression, utilizing torture etc. In short you could say President of Turkmenistan is a bad dream for Human Rights and they have became vocal against his oppression and the gig of Jennifer Lopez, jeopardizing her big time.

But rep for J.Lo has came to the rescue of Jennifer Lopez and has said, "Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended"

But was she sleeping while they said for whom she has to sing, I guess Mr. President has paid her so well to make her blindly cheer him on his birthday. Good Luck to you Jennifer on that, you surely need some!

Jennifer Lopez sure looks like she is enjoying the concert pretty much, so why so ashamed now. Happy Birthday Mr. President, Happy Birthday Mr. President!!

Jared Leto Shocking Look

jared leto dressed as transexual

Jared Leto the hot vocalist from 30 Seconds to Mars and a real hunk has came down to a skanky look, one that you expect Katy Perry to be in. Okay just to be sure he looks a lot like Katy in the magazine cover of Candy Magazine above and the pink wig really makes her look the homosexual character he is playing in his upcoming film according to The picture is taken by the famous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and is going viral among Jared's fans.

Till now you will be thinking how could a guy as Hot as Jared Leto ended up doing something so disastrous to his image of a lead vocalist hunk. The answer to your query is that Jared Leto is going to play a transexual woman in the AIDS-centric movie, alongside Matthew McConaughey  inhis role in The Dallas Buyers Club. What the hell? how could a 41 years old amazing singer do something like that? Same reaction as mine.

Reportedly, Jared is pretty serious about the role and has lost alarming amount of weight and is pulling this difficult while interesting role pretty well. But we can't say anything before we see the whole film, however he looks disgusting in this Pink Wig and blue eyes or he looks hot? Who am I to decide.

WWE ex-Wrestler Doink the Clown Dead

doink the clown wwe

Matt Osborne a.k.a Doink the Clown has been found dead at the age of 55 on June 28, 2013 at his Girlfriends' apartment in Texas. With the tragic death of Doink the Clown an era of fun and tricks died in the WWE history, he was the most entertaining and tricky wrestler of WWE in 90's probably before we started watching wrestling. But, as soon as I got interested in wrestling I found Doink the clown match on youtube and really enjoyed it.

Doink the clown was known for his great tricks he used to play on wrestlers and the audience. In the age of boring but aggresive wrestling he was a true entertainer and WWE surely misses him. And have issued the statement over his death saying,

"WWE is saddened by the news that Matt Osborne, aka the original Doink the Clown, has passed away. A rugged brawler in promotions like Mid-South Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling, Osborne made a major impact in WWE under the greasepaint of a prankster named Doink — one of the most enduring personas of the early ’90s. Our deepest condolences go out to Osborne’s family, friends and fans."

The death of Doink the clown looks accidental and police have confirmed it but also have started homicidal investigation which is a standard policy for them. But check out this fight of Doink the Clown vs Great Khali vs other stars and enjoy!

Although, he was removed from WWE for repeated drug abuse, he was still a hot seller in WF and will be missed for sure.

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