Summer Fashion for MEN-Shorts

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As the summer season is on its peak, we thought it would be nice to let you guys acquainted with the latest summer trends for men. The summer season is the season to break free of all the heavy stuff and put on as less as you could. The major concern in the summers is to stay cool and stay active, and the apparels which fail to comply with even one of the above mentioned properties are not worth wearing in the summers. As for the guys, the summer season is pretty important because they have to choose their wardrobe very wisely, because you can't get loaded like winter and get away with minor fashion blunders. Even a small fashion blunder will ruin your outlook in summers so guys have to concentrate on this point more than everything, before they go out shopping for summer clothing and finally while wearing that stuff.

Here we would like to start off with the first and quite trendy dressing item which is prevailing in this summer, the shorts. Shorts are more popular than ever this season and it is going to be more accepted worldwide like it is now a days in US. The reason behind the popularity of shorts is that they are really easy to wear and easy to manage in summers and they look good if selected wisely. The important point here is that you don't have to be a summer cool stud to pull of the shorts styles properly, it pretty easy and fitting to everyone but we do suggest being in shape for the summer because a perfect male body is always a plus for men and also take care of the excessive body hairs, because the last thing people want to see on the streets are your hairy legs. And to look good in summers you have to be in good shape, so do work on it this summer, if you want to look real good.

Shorts now a day comes in various varieties and you could have your perfect dress shorts, to your perfect part shorts, how cool is that? Down here we are going to show you the Top 5 most popular looks you can achieve while wearing shorts.

The Everyday Look

This is the look which most of the guys like to have while wearing the shorts. The everyday look is best suited for the laid back guys like me, who want to look good but don't want to spend too much time on it.

men trendy shorts

The Casual Look

If you like to be a little well prepared and have time to spend on yourself, than this look is best for you. The trendy casual look, which takes a little more time but makes you stand out of the crowd. Also it doesn't require you to be in such a good shape as well. Check out to understand what i mean!
causal shorts 2014 style

The Funky Look

Try not to be the nice and subtle guy, try this new look which totally gathers the attention of the crowd around you for sure. The look is zesty and to carry it you must be in a very good mood and in a very good shape too, unlike the casual look.
funky small shorts for men

The Formal Look

We understand that you don't want to be the funky guy, and want to be the decent guy. Here is a look for you, which you can carry and look totally formal for meeting as well. Yeah shorts can make you look formal too, check it out.

decent shorts for men

formal shorts men

The On the Go Look

If you just want to be free and relax in summer, and don't want to plan it much then we have a look for you too. This looks require less effort and gives great comfort, which is the key to dressing it summer, you are always on the go with it. Just grab your favorite Tee and cut of your jeans or dress pants you don't use much and you can acquire this pure celebrity look.

men shorts style

latest shorts for men

The idea to be taken from here is that you could look good in shorts and remain comfortable in the summers. Follow any of the style which suits you and be happy with it, doesn't hurt to look good? does it?
Stay tuned for the next parts of Summer Fashion for men to look exceptional this summer.