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Successful SEO Tips for Websites

To make your website popular and on the first page of the Google search you should know Search Engine Optimization. To make your website ranked and to increase traffic on you website, you must know about SEO tips which will help you in making your website rank good. It is a challenging thing but you can do this with time and with giving concentration. SEO is like an art which can be sometimes very tough and challenging because if you do not know the way of your destination than how could you reach it?

Google always promote new and clear content. “Copy paste” content is not accepted by Google in terms of SEO. The first step for SEO is to read the Webmasters data by Google for a healthy website. Webmaster tools, education and help centre facilitates you a lot. You cannot buy the ranking of your website in organic search. It can only do by SEO. SEM means Search Engine Marketing, which means you are going to pay to Google for your website ranking in Google search. These websites are in pink box on the top of the search when you search something. On the other hand Natural or Organic search has no concern with SEM. It has concern with SEO that means it depends on content, post or article of your website. Searchers choose those websites for getting information which facilitates them the most.

Now there are some tips you must know.

·  Is your website Google indexed?
Is Google knows about your website? For this search like this (

·  Check for the best keywords which searches will probably write in Google search. For this you can also use Google AdWords tool.

·  Your content must be unique and valuable, different, helpful and worthy for readers. After reading the post or article from your website there must be no question in readers mind regarding what you have written.

·  Be social, make your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) and relate about your website to your friends and peers.

·  Use images and videos which are attractive and goes to the point with the content. Images is the best tool for increasing traffic for any website but this does not means that the text of an article do not matters. One more thing, if you upload an image on your post use descriptive file names. For example “white-color-t-shirts.jpg” is more worthy than “image1.jpg”.

·  Link websites with others and link your posts with other posts of your website by adding targeted key words.

These are some tips which are useful and for beginners these are the scoop. SEO is an art, one can be skilled and have hands on SEO by concentrating and by giving it more time because it is the main source of increasing traffic on your website.

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Samsung GALAXY Note 2

Samsung has come again with an impressive device which is striking market and is going to be an extra-ordinary thing. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 2. With the time devices are increasing in size and this device is 5.5”. This luxury device is big one with S Pen Optimized Features. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is slim and is known as ‘Phablet’ all over the world. It is in two dashing colors, ‘marble white’ and ‘titanium gray’. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is praiseworthy in its features. With the remarkable change in technology this device has proved itself and is beating tablets with its uncountable functions. Here are the specifications:

Network: 3G: HSPA+21Mbps, 4G LTE: 100Mbps / 50Mbps
CPU-Processor: 1.6 GHz quad-core processor
OS: Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean
Browser: HTML5
 S Pen Optimized Features:  S Note, S Planner, Email with hand-writing
  integration, S Pen Keeper, Quick Command, Easy Clip, Photo Note,
  Paper Artist, Shape Match, Formula Match
Camera: 8 MP wide-angle lens autofocus camera with LED flash
Display: 140.9 mm 5.5" HD
Battery: Standard battery, 69Hours Battery Time, Li-ion 3100mAh
Memory: 16/32/64GB, User memory + 2GB RAM

Well it as a half phone half tablet with large screen. Its reviews are very positive. It is a successful device launched by Samsung. It gives endless entertainment to its users.

Weird Piercing Styles

Weird piercing styles have become popular because the rebels want to do something different and weird so that they can be specific and unambiguous. Achilles, sprung, trans-finger, flesh plating, surface weave, Madison, vertical lowbred, eye, chin and horizontal lip are top ten weird piercing styles. Piercing in the middle of head is really weird and pierced ankle looks eerie. Bizarre piercing on surface sometimes full of rings on back filled with ribbon gives a smooth effect because of colorful ribbon but they are weird as there is no other thing on your body which is prominent other than that weird pierced area. Now it is trend to be pierced with weird styles and these weird styles are sometimes tribal too. It is also harmful but it is getting popular because weird people love these weird piercing styles. Here are some pictures of weird piercing.

Body Piercing Styles

Body piercing is a practice of puncturing the body part so a piece of jewel can be inserted there. With the growing trend of tattoos, the trend of piercing is also increasing day by day. Piercing is also a cultural practice as it ground its root in the past centuries. Ears and nostrils are the most popular parts of the body for piercing; belly button is also a part which can be modified by piercing. In case of females body piercing is not restricted to ears, nostrils and belly button. To get pierced has now become a common activity. Now there is loads of latest pierced area on a human body which give a witty look and delectable too. Safety measures should be kept because piercing can may produce some infection if the environment is not clean. One must use sterilized needle for cutting (puncturing) and the part of body must be cleaned with infection killing soap except tongue. Earlobes, cartilage, helix, tragus, eyebrow, nostril, septum, lip, vertical lip, tongue, nipples, navel, surface and dermal anchors etc are the types of piercings. Genital piercings are also very famous among females. Malloy and Ward are two famous names in modern piercing. There are different centers of piercing in United States and it has become a business for masses. Ear stretching jeweler, helix jeweler, tragus jeweler, nipple jeweler, tongue bars, threaded accessories, tunnels and plugs, septum jeweler, nose studs, labret studs, body spirals, barbells and circular barbells are famous types of piercing jeweler. Piercing tools are also modified with time and this trend has set fire in this world of fashion. Among youngster piercing has given hype and new types of piercing have been introduced. It is a painful practice but still it is done with joy and admired by the people.

Ear Piercing Chart

Tragus Piercing

Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing Puncture

Surface Piercing 

Surface Piercing Style

Neck Surface Piercing

Surface Piercing on Belly

Surface Piercing Style for Females

Back Surface Piercing

Snake Style Ear Ring

Jewels for Piercing

Pierced Niples

Simple Pierced Nose

Eyebrow and Lips Piercing

Lower Lips Piercing

Simple Pierced Ear

Lower Pierced Lip

Pierced Niples

Pierced Lips

Pierced Ear

Tongue Piercing

Pierced Eyebrow

Eyebrow Pierced Style

Eyelid Pierced

Double Pierced Belly Button

Pierced Ear Chart

Pierced Ear

Pierced Ear

Pierced Belly Button

Pierced Ear

Pierced Lips

Stylish Pierced Belly Button

Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

Nose Piercing

Lower Lip Pierced

Pierced Feather Style Belly Button