Interactive Projector Technology- The Future?

Since our childhood we have seen in Sci-Fi movies an interactive touch screen which comes from nowhere. We haven't seen anything like that in real life, but we just little behind that reign of technology where this all will be possible. As there are companies which have developed this interactive fixed screen less devices, which surely have the power to vanish all other touch screen systems.

What is Interactive Projector Technology?

Well it is the most obvious question one could ask. As the name suggests, interactive projector technology is the technology which allows any plane surface to be used as a touch screen. You can perform literally any operation, you perform using a tablet or a smartphone screen just by flashing light over any clear surface. Not only this, you can turn any bigger surface into any desired sports field. Hence allowing interactive gaming experience by practically being a part of the game.

How does Interactive Projector Technology Works?

There are more than one way of implementing this technology. But first you have to know the essential parts of the system. A projector(holographic laser projector) and infra-red touch sensing system to detect the light intensity and the pointer activity( a pen or human finger) and do actions according to the system function implementation.
Alternatively, it can be done by applying some of the computer vision principles. Tracking some points and their coordinates and then by focusing the movement of the object interacting with projected screen.


The most interesting part is it's uses, this technology has the potential to literally wipe out all the current technologies, if given proper attention. Recently, a company named Light Blue Optics have launched a compact projector which has WIFI and Bluetooth utilities and up to 32 GB of storage, with a quite neat interactive projector interface.

No news of this being launched in the market is yet reported, but we heard that companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Foxconn and Interbrand have took notice of that.
But if this technology prevails, we can see everything dynamically produced from the time on your wrist watch to the Classroom you sit in or any other screen you watch. All you can see is the light screens, which will do as you command. If that is possible, you don't have to worry about the screen size or space issue or any other problem we face with the custom screens.