Google+, A threat for Facebook? As it Takes Off

Facebook was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It is now recognized as most famous social networking website. Due to its popularity it has make records of success. It is also considered as best website of the world by many people. Facebook accounts are now seen as personal profile of the people as it shows the interests, feelings and activity of people. Facebook pages are also liked by the people. Half of the Facebook users check their account at least once a day. Now if we talk about Google+ than it is also a prominent social website. Its number of users is increasing day by day. One big thing is that Google+ is the subsidiary of Google Inc. It is quite different from Facebook but we cannot say that Google+ is not entertaining. Its circles, communities and pages are very interesting. It is liked by the people. With the growing number of Google+ users it is a threat for Facebook. Predictions about Google+ success are very positive; it can take over Facebook in future.