Finger Tattoo Styles

The craze for tattoos in people is getting more and more as time passes and people like to be unique. And in their never ending thirst for uniqueness we see a lot of innovation and creativity. As a result of their hard work now we have numerous types of tattoos, for each body part. Here we would like to list finger tattoo designs, which are getting pretty famous among the people. From celebrities to commons the finger tattoos are pretty common. Lil Wayne is no doubt on top of the list (a really long list) of celebrities that love finger tattoos, but some people love to have finger tattoos even more.
fast finger tattoos

The art of finger tattoos is considered quite precise as one tattoo artist said, "Bigger tattoos are one thing, but on finger you need 100% attention as you can't afford to mess even a little or you'll ruin the beauty of the tattoo".  As you have to stay sharp on the fingers to make the tattoo a master piece.
Coming towards the types of the finger tattoos, there is sure a variety of tattoos we see every day on the fingers. Small hearts, dragons, tribal designs and rings are common among them. The tattoos can be made even more attractive by adding quotes or combination of letters as in Abbreviations and all. Another idea could be have little skulls or arrows or any combination of above mentioned designs with them. But be sure not to get too much inked that your fingers start to look odd or ugly after sometime as the tattoo get old. Also beware of designs which do nothing but to spread ink on your fingers giving the impression of blots of ink.

At last, be sure to choose a unique design. A good design is attractive and unique at the same time, as it creates a good impression and provides a new experience to the viewer too.

hand bones tattoo

finger tattoos love loyality

finger tattoo reality dream

cool faces che finger tattoos

tattoo on knuckles sword