Edit Html Problem in Blogger Solved

From past 2-3 months or so blogger is facing a serious issue regarding 'Edit Html' of your Blogspot blog. Generally, the Edit Html option present in template manager redirects to a blank page, not showing the html code. The issue isn't browser dependent, i have tried Mozilla Firefox, chrome, opera and internet explorer too. But nothing worked. And finally i came to a little hack which maybe be the possible remedy of the problem at this stage.
The page turns blank because the 'Live on Blog' doesn't loads properly and it is the cause of the problem. And the solution to the problem is to simply avoid loading it stop loading the page before it tries to load that page element. It is easy because, the page loads and after a little pause it tries to load the Live on Blog. Once you have stopped the loading by clicking the (X) in the browser indicating 'stop loading this page' you will be able to load the Edit Html page easily. Else you would be redirected to a link like "blogspot.com/b/app-preview?token=Kk3W-DsBAAA.VObmzefKkW1zqGaruKvYjQ.BIXoqSRcYE8657tMOo2vzQ"
This little trick worked for me and hope that it would work for other's too. If you still can understand check the image below highlighting the problem causing element of the page.