Do Rich Men get all the Girls?

Does Rich Guys Get All the Pleasures? Does only Rich people remain happy? Since our early days we got to know the importance of money in our lives. At least once there came a time in our childhood when our parents refused to buy us something which was expensive or out of their reach.
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And as we grew up we began to feel the importance of money in detail. But is money everything? We can't get anything without it? What about girls? Does all the girls go to those rich guys? Most of us must have thought at some point of time that if i had that much money, that girl would have been with me. But, is it the truth? You can't get a girl without money?
Well according to me you can get a girl even if you are not rich. So, What is attractive about the rich guys? Their riches make them look interesting and it is the truth! Money does matters, because you can get the things that people dream of. Their money make them charming and center of attraction for the audience. But, what if you take that money away from them? Seriously, No one would be interested even in talking to them when their money is not by their side.
My point here is that girls may show interest in a guy riding a Ferrari but as soon as the Ferrari is gone the guy has nothing left. Don't you feel pity for a guy who needs a Ferrari to impress a girl rather than his own Personality? Money can buy him everything but it can't make him a better man when the money is gone, He is over!
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On the other hand, there is an average guy who doesn't have an expensive car or loads of money. But, he is interesting and gets girls easily because of his sense of humor, adequate knowledge and pleasant personality. It is all because he believes in himself and works for his self improvement rather than spending money heavily to do the talking. If you have the sense that what is going around and you have the confidence to handle every situation, than you are on the right track and you will surely get everything you want.
To the guys reading this, my advice is to improve yourself, work on your career and your knowledge. Read books be informative and have a good sense of humor and everything will just workout fine. You'll get everything and believe me you'll be happy!
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