Will you get Drunk by Drinking Shandy Bass?

Today i searched for my favorite drink 'Shandy Bass' on Google and all i got was the question. Will i get drunk by drinking Shandy Bass? and i found it rather interesting, because for the first time me and my friend tried it we do felt little lighter but not drunk of course. So, what is the strange feeling that you get while you drink it? It is nothing more than just a little rush you get when you in take the little amount of alcohol 0.5% and larger amount of sugar present.
shandy bass beer can

But recently Leicestershire Police chiefs, had completely removed the use of  'Shandy Bass' by Police Officers on the basis that it contains a little amount of alcohol. So that, this will encourage alcohol boycott. But it does caused serious problems to some regular 'Shandy Bass' drinkers, as they said it is like a tradition to them to have some Shandy Bass.
According to experts it would take more than 20 cans of the drink to put you above the drink drive limit.
And as it is mentioned on the can by the company that, Shandy Bass contains a measly 11 per cent of 'real Bass beer', adding 'not more than 0.5 per cent by volume'.
While it was clearly mentioned by the Advertising Standards Authority in 2007 that alcoholic drinks 'are those that exceed 1.2 per cent volume'.
So guys, have a good day enjoying your Shandy Bass!