Orkut - Let's Remember Old Times.

Orkut was launched on January 2004 by Google. It is named after its creator who is Google employee Orkut Buyukkokten. It is one of the most visited website in Brazil. In Pakistan and India it has also many users. Is is a social website with millions of active users. It spread in days as it was loved by the users. At the end of July 2004 it surpassed one million members and at the end of September 2004 it surpassed two million members. During 2004 to 2010 it was the one of the most running social website. But the numbers of fake profiles were also increased. This was due to users want to add friends to their profile and increase the number of there friends. Till now orkut came with three versions. The first version was mostly liked by the users and it was the best version for a social website. At the end of 2008, orkut introduced a new version Orkut Beta. This version was for two to three years and then a new version which is the present version introduced. These changes in versions were not liked by the most of the users and users switched to some other social websites. One more reason for the decrease in the traffic of this social website is change in policies. Because orkut users were fond of the liberty in sending requests, making fake accounts, using flooding machines for increasing scraps and making your social circle more complex. The strictness in the policies can be considered as a drawback for Orkut as a social website. And if the first version of orkut with the policies which were in starting of orkut  were, come back than orkut will again at top charts in social websites with the top number of users! And the old times will come back!