5G Technology

5g stands for 5th Generation. 5th generation mobile network or 5th generation wireless system is used in mobile telecommunication. This innovative technology has also given tough competition to other international top brands.It is a revolution in technology. The combination of all technologies is an excellent thing but having this in you hand is out of thoughts. 5g technology has also strike the international mobile market. It is amazing that a small device with 5g network can connects as many features. In future, mobile phones with 5g technology will give tough competition to laptops and tablets PC's. It will be a best combination of latest phones with 5g network.
Following are the features of this technology.

*Advanced billing interfaces.                                 
*Global Connectivity
*High Speed / 25Mbps of Connectivity Speed
*Best for Business
*Private Networking
* Fast and Accurate
*Large broadcasting of data in Gigabit
*Resistive in terms of errors
*Ultrasound Technology
*Video Conferencing
*Display, Camera and Time Machine
*Storage and Body Colours
* Solar Panel in 5g
*iOS 6

Well this generation is coming after 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. So it will give tough competition to laptops, cell phones and other telecommunication devices. This is wireless technology which is more entertaining than ever giving users all that they need in a mobile set.Well this is the best thing with latest software, latest hardware and the latest ideas. Be ready for this revolution in technology!