Grapes Nutritional Information!

Grapes are good in taste and good for health. They grow in the cluster of 10 to 350. You have always attracted towards a bunch of grapes when u saw them, it is a wonderful fruit with remarkable taste. Mostly found in green color. Grapes are the source of instant energy and they are source of glucose in body. They increase oxygen level in blood. Black grapes are with edible seeds and they are  rich in taste. 71%of the grapes are use in making of vine all over the world, while 27% of grapes are use as a fruit and 2% as dry grapes. They are use in making jellies, flavored jam, vinegar, grapes seed extract and oil. Italy is the biggest producer of grapes. China and United States are on second and third in terms of production. Seeds of grapes resist against several diseases like heart failure, cancer and disorders of oxidation stress. So everyone has to eat grapes as it is a tasty and healthy fruit.