The Two Faced Man with a Demon Head

When i'm saying Two-Faced i'm saying it in a literal way. Edward Mordake was a 19th century heir to an English peerage. And he had an extra face at the back of his head, which could neither eat or speak but it could laugh and cry. Edward Mordake named him the 'Demon Head' because reportedly, at nights the other face of him used to say satanist verses and this was why he hated his second face.

Edward Mordake visited many doctors of that time but no one agreed to help him remove the face, as doctors were afraid of the 'Demon Head'. After every possible attempt of removing the face, Edward failed and committed suicide at the age of 23. It is said that Edward Mordake could not sleep because of the other face and people hated the 'Demon Head'.
While, there are several stories about Edward Mordake but no proof of the satanist head is present, as it is told on wikipedia too!