Farrah Abraham Rejected by Playboy

farrah abraham playboy rejection

You all know about the teen mom star which turned rogue and worked in an explicit video to get the attention of the people. She is off track seriously, and is burning through the explicit world in form of a sexy vibe. But, that vibe wasn't good enough for playboy that's way they rejected her more then once, pretty upset she might be right now? doesn't she?

Farrah who is riding crazy now a days making appearances on pool parties in hot bikinis and whatnot was really looking forward to join playboy, but Hugh Hefner has a standard to maintain too. She first reached out to the playboy men and told that she is willing to do a full body no clothes shot, but was turned down by them. She then filed an appeal again, which was rejected too saying that there isn't space for her on playboy magazine, ohh burn!

We guess that the implants haven't done the trick she was expecting, nor did her toned body. And we guess people don't even wanna see her on playboy because they have already seen enough of her in the recent months.