Which Color to Wear in Summer?

Admiration is a great feeling, believe it or not. People go for the best, to look best. So, latest trends are coming and people are running behind them. But, Colors are the most important in attracting people towards you. Different colors are used for different occasions and for different days. It is up to you to decide which color suits you well according to the eve.In this article, we would focus on the summer trends, basically the colors of summer. The summer collection of your clothes is usually of bright colors and if not than move towards bright colors because they give a cool and relaxing effect to others. And if you do not want to wear all bright colors than make a contrast of a bright and a dark color.If you are going to a birthday party of your best friend than you will choose your best clothes which make you unique. But remember one thing before choosing them that colors matter a lot. Black and yellow on a bright sunny day, are not a good choice. Your dressing sense should be according to the latest trend, which is the reflection of running season. If you are not comfortable in red than make a contrast of it with black or dark blue, red with grey is also a good contrast. The thing is that in summer season try to choose bright colors and make their contrast with dark colors.Colors are also considered as one of the form of non-verbal communication. Different colors are also important from psychological point of view.

Red Color : A person will choose to wear red when he is angry or passionate about something. He is going to take some action.

Orange Color: Socially active, Optimism.

Black Color: Fear, Hidden, Some mystery and Secretive.

Pink : Sign of Love, Girlish, Nutritive.

Purple: Imaginative, Immature. Impure.

Blue: Loyalty, Peace, Sincerity, Innovative.

Green: Balance and Growth, Use for self-reliance, Positive.

So, do choose your colors well rather than picking randomly of the stock. Remember colors can make or break your outlook easily.