Facebook has 83 Million Fake Accounts

Well we all know Facebook, the social network which took over the world since 2004. And before Facebook Orkut was there, whose fall gave rise to Facebook. Analysts say that one of the potential cause of Orkut downfall was the immense number of Fake Accounts. And now Facebook has released the numbers too.

The number of Fake accounts on Facebook is larger than the population of most of the countries as told in Form 10-Q. You could make another Egypt out of the Fake accounts present on Facebook. According to the previously published reports Facebook has 83 Million Fake Accounts at the moment.

8.7% of the accounts on Facebook are Bogus, whose details are as follows:

4.8% Duplicate Accounts
2.4% User Misclassified Accounts
1.5% Spam accounts

While previously, in March's survey only 5-6% accounts were estimated to be Fake, meaning 40-50 Million were Fake but now the number has dramatically increased. Also the company said that it bans approximately  20,000 accounts daily and 600,000 are compromised, which sure is a huge number.

So, here we got to know that out of the 955 Million active users, 872 Million are real according to the latest Figures.