Are Supplements Necessary for Body Building?

Well we all have heard about the side effects of Supplements and some of us are pretty reluctant in taking those. But, we find supporters of supplements and they seem to take them regularly and endorse them too. Still, the question here is that 'Are supplements a must for body building?' or is there any other way, like a more natural way?

The answer that you can make muscles without taking all those synthetic artificial supplements. But it will take like ages to make your muscles, for fast results you will have to need some( a little bit of them ) but of course with your doctor's prescription.

What Supplements do?

Let me explain why supplements make it easy to build muscles if are taken the right way and the right one's for sure. When you exercise, you actually break your muscles in order to make them bigger and stronger, but in order to get them to fix up just right you need little bandages inside which are proteins. Proteins help the muscles to re-join, but now consider the scenario that protein isn't available? What will happen? It simply means a poor muscle re-building and longer time is needed for the process.

But if adequate proteins and other helping vitamins are present in your diet, than you are right on the track. So, what supplements are build for is to provide the right amount of necessary vitamins and proteins to give a proper healing to the muscles which are broken by lifting the heavy weights.

What we lack in our diet?

One simple question that popes up in our mind is that, Why isn't our diet enough to provide the required vitamins, minerals, proteins and all? The answer to it is simple. Because we don't have a good diet now a days. Even if you eat lot of meat, fruits and vegetables they can't provide the right nutrition to your body because they aren't so pure now a days. The stuff we buy at super markets isn't fresh and lacks all the original essence due to the different type of preservation processes and the chemicals applied to them. The food we get already gets contaminated by number of things.

Are Supplements Safe?

Well their are many opinions about it. And interestingly, you may be taking supplements right now in your food or juices, without knowing about it. Supplement is just lots of food packed in a little capsule, as simple as that. They are safe if you are taking in a controlled amount, but if you decide to take it without a bound then you'll lose your hairs, nails, teeth and as well as fertility. And, you may have heard of incidents like these before, where supplements over dose took life of someone.

Should i take Supplements?

After knowing a little bit about supplements, know it is your decision if you want to take supplements or not.

  • If you can't decide let me summarize some pros about taking supplements.
  • Fast Muscle building, takes almost less than half the time to build muscles.
  • Everything packed inside a capsule or a powder.
  • Less time consuming, it certainly takes less time in taking a capsule than eating 6 eggs.

Now coming towards the bad side of the supplements.

  • Not many are safe to use.
  • Side effects include blindness, hair, teeth, nails fall, and kidney failure.
  • Excessive muscles look odd.
  • Severe digestive problems and farting issues may occur.

I would like to end this up with the conclusion that if you want to be fit and build some attractive muscles supplements are not a must, what if you get a 14 inch bicep in 6-8 months while, you can have it in 3 months. But you are not risking your manhood at-least for that bicep. Don't go for a bigger arm, go for a stronger arm i will say, Rest is up to you!