Meaning of Different Colors of Roses

Flowers are termed as the symbol of beauty and delicacy and from ancient times they are used to express different feelings and emotions. The king of the Family of Flowers are the Roses and they are used by people  to communicate several hidden messages.

But most of the people don't know this language of Flowers, especially Roses. To those, every Rose has some meaning associated with it's color. All the roses don't depict the same message of love, some are even supposed to show jealousy, competition and sadness too. 
Here are the meaning of different colors of roses, read and choose your flower carefully.

Red for Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect

White for Virtue, devotion or purity

Light Pink for Admiration, passion or grace

Dark Pink Appreciation or gratitude

Yellow for Joy or Jealousy

Orange for Desire and Enthusiasm

Black for Death or Farewell

Lavender for Love at first Sight

Blue for Impossible or tough

While all the roses which are without thrones convey the meaning of Love at first Sight as the single color roses show Simplicity and Gratitude.