How to Get the Girl you Like?

It is a simple question that arises in every boy mind, how do i find a girl? Girls are like a challenge, every boy wants to accomplish it. The more social you are, easier it is for you. Money isn't an issue, you just have to believe in yourself. Girls generally are social, as in they like hangouts and dating. So don't panic. Firstly, Make an analysis of yourself, to get a girl is not a rocket science but it is also not so easy, but these little tricks will do the work.

First make eye contact, smile and then come up with a compliment. Take it easy. And yeah be confident, girls love confident guys. Compliment her, ''you are looking beautiful'' is best compliment a girl can get. Your appearance matters a lot so try to wear easy and casual clothes which are trendy as well. Being passionate is better than being nice, never try to make girl feel that you are nice to her; make her feel that you are honest and sincere. Never try to relate her about your past, girls like guys who live in present and worried about future.
Never pressurize her, do not treat her like her dad, she is going to be your girlfriend not your slave. Give her time to talk to her friends. Lot of stress and mood swings does not means that she is on her periods. Show some interest in her family, win the hearts of her family members; this will also take your relation to emotional level. Emotional relation does not means sexual relation. Kiss on fore-head is more worthy than kiss on lips. You can attract her towards your-self with the above techniques. Enjoy!
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