Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hairstyles for men are in fashion now a days and we see all the celebrities turning towards shorter hairstyles and as a matter of fact, longer hair styles are getting obsolete in 2012-2013. There are lot of advantages of having a shorter hairstyle, including low maintenance and easy styling with a lot of options available on a single haircut.

Some things should be kept in mind when you go for a shorter hairstyle.

  • If you have a relatively bigger face than medium short hairstyle would suit you better, as it will try to cover up the size.
  • If you have a longer face than go for textured spikey hairstyle with all your hair up, to give the perfect oval shape. And do adjust your sides according to your face's width.
  • If you have a bigger nose or some other facial feature that you think is not very defined, than you can draw attention from it to the flick in your hairstyle. The same trick used by Taylor Lautner to hide his odd nose.
  • Dyed short hair look good, but you have to consider your skin color and find an appropriate color and amount of colored hairs too. As some colors make your features sharper and some tend to hide them.

Finally, a good short hairstyle comes with a good understanding with your hair stylist, so do guide him and let him know what you want. As he can't read your mind, so don't hesitate in letting him know if he is doing something wrong, there is no shame in it.

Check out some awesome hairstyles down here, and choose wisely!