How to look Good?

Well this is the most basic question, which everyone has in mind 'How to look good'. Good looking persons always attract others towards them and remain the center of attention. Some people are god looking naturally, others are not so much blessed. But, with a little bit of attention towards yourself and some help from experts can do the trick and can surely make you look good.

Firstly, you have to bear in mind that grooming is a necessary part of every person's personality and without it even good looking persons can't maintain their outlook. So, you have to improve and change with the trends. But, for this you have to assess yourself, that where you stand and where you have to be. Changing with trends is a good decision, but you should know first that will the particular trend goes with your personality(which you'll only know when you have your personal assessment).
Like if you have a longer face and you are having a beard which make your face look even longer, or a hairstyle which highlights your week facial features. So choosing the right hairstyle and beard style are pretty important. So, it is fine to have a stylist of your own who can suggest what is best for your.
Then comes your dressing sense, some people have good dressing sense and some are complete disaster. And for those disaster people, it is recommended to idealize someone(can be more than one) who has matching features like you but manages to look good. So, that you could have some good example to draw from.
Having your own style is a good thing, but having your own style which is desirable is the best thing you can get. See, learn and set your own standard. And be confident, everyone was a beginner one day.

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