Male & Female Runway Models

Beauty has always been a keen interest of almost every person in every realm he lived. But what makes the beauty stand out is the presentation associated with it. Runway Models are those who present the fashion to the general audience, adopted from the upper hierarchy, mainly the designers.

So, the Male and Female Runway models are those who reflect the best features of a dress code over the ramp to give enough peek to the fashion enthusiasts to draw on. All the dresses we see every where was once only over the bodies of these models and they put it forth.
Of course there is a way of getting those models into the industry, there are certain requirements which are fulfilled by these models to be on the move.

Male Runway Models Requirements

Height: 5'11" - 6'1"
Weight: 68 - 75 kg
Waist: 30-32 inch
Chest: 36-40 inch
Body Type: Skinny and Well toned

Female Runway Models Requirements

Height: 5'6" - 5'9"
Weight: 55 - 62 kg
Measurements : 34-24-34
Body Type: Slender and in shape

For both male and female runway models to succeed they ought to have clear skin, fine complexion, healthy hair and Attractive facial features. The selection criteria of Runway Models is tier to the market trends and may change, but they seem to get going around the above mentioned criteria as it is the AMA recommended shape.
For a model to succeed, his agency plays a vital role, they are the one responsible of providing a good chance for the models into the industry. And the rest is up to the performance of the model. There is no defined pay scale for a model but Female models commonly earn more than male. A top male model earns around $2500 and a top female model earns about $10,000. But, there are always exceptions!
But our advise here would be to improve yourself first, before rushing into the industry. Be a package that the people there can't refuse you, because at the end it is for yourself!

Female Runway Models Pictures

Male Runway Models Pictures