Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi
"Top Chef"
Like The Praying Mantis, Once Padma Finishes With Her Mate She Eats His Head...And He Likes It. Someone Hand Her A Moist Towelette So She Can Clean Up That Blood.
Famous For:
  • Top Supermodel
  • Pride In The 7" Scar On Her Right Arm
    • Received In Car Accident Returning From Hindu Temple As A Child.  Said She Saw A Flash Of Orange Light And Experienced The Most Exhilarating Feeling Of Her Life.
  • Heritage: Parents From India (Chennai).
  • Offered Job Hosting/Judging For "Top Chef" After Her Cookbook, "Easy Exotic" Won Several 1999 Awards.  
    • "Love Your Cookbook Padhma.  Could You Strip Down & Turn In A Circle For Us?  Now Do 10 Jumping Jacks...You're In!"
  • Married Salman Rushdie In 2004...Wait, Let Me Double Check On That...Yep, That Salman Is A Stud.
    • Rushdie Is 24 Years Older Than Padma.
    • Divorced In 2007.  (Saw That Coming)
  • Appeared In An Episode Of "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2002)
How 'Bout That Moist Towelette?
Depends...Do We Have Other "Licking" Options?
Tom Continues To Pretend He Doesn't Spend Most Of His Day Wondering What It Would Be To;
"Get All Up In That"
Yes, I'm Getting It Now...It's Coming To Me Tom...
"Ain't Gonna Happen Dude"