Susan Dey "The Partridge Babe"

Susan Dey
"The Partridge Babe"
Raise Your Hand If You Fell In Love With Laurie Partridge The First Time She Faked Playing An Instrument &
Lip Synced "Come On, Get Happy?
Now That Just Made Things Worse!!!  Can I Keep Her?
Apple Reports Latest Follow Up To I Pad 137 To Be
Susan Dey Sex Droid
Famous For:
  • Hottest Member Of The Partridge Family.  The Cowsills Refused A TV Contract So The Network Made Up A Band. They Got The Idea After The Monkees Had So Much Success Putting Together A Bunch Of Strangers Who Couldn't Sing.
  • Pretending To Play The Piano, Hammond Organ (insert joke here) and harmonize.  I do think she had the tamberine nailed though but a monkee could do that.  I think Heidi Klum taught her monkee to play bongo.
  • Playing "Hide The Meat Whistle" with David Cassidy (or so David would have us believe).
    • Maybe That's The Hammond Organ Susan Played. (See, I Knew There Was Something There)
  • "The Partridge Family" (1970-1974)
  • "LA Law" (1986-1992)
Now Get Your Cuteness Out Of Here Before I Call The Cops!