jOBS Movie based on Steve Jobs BioPic Delayed

If you were waiting for the film based on Steve Jobs, featuring Ashton Kutcher to be released in April you might not be happy to hear that the film has been delayed.
The film was to be released at Sundance Film Festival on April 19th, but studio has delayed the film without any apparent reason and the new release date is still not announced, so i guess you have to wait a little while to see this movie.

The film caught it's first blow of controversy with the tweet from Steve Wozniak, telling that the scenes displayed aren't depicting the reality, and then in an interview Wozniak told Gizmodo.

"We never had such interaction and roles, I'm not even sure what it's getting at ... personalities are very wrong although mine is closer."

According to the reports from movie's distributor Open Road, the film didn't had the Buzz and there are no news on rescheduling.
However, we are pretty excited about the script written by Aaron Sorkin (screen writer behind The Social Network and The West Wing) which is pretty much the decider.