Colors Psychology

Colors have great meaning in our lives. We distinguish different colors and like them according to our choice. These colors have no such physical existence but they are playing vital role in mood management. Different colors play different roles. Colors psychology is a term which refers to the effect of different colors on our mood, behavior and emotion. We often make perceptions about things in our minds after watching the color.  Color psychology is also used in different therapies and treatments. For Instance:

 Red is use to motivate the mind and excite the body and to increase circulation.

 Yellow is considered as purify the body.

 Orange is use to cure the lungs and to boost energy levels.

 Blue is believed to relieve and care for pain.

 Indigo shades are use to ease skin problems.

Colors also motivate and demotivate individuals. As pink color is for love and red is for anger, White for peace and yellow for friendship. Black indicates the protest and apprehension. So these colors are very important in our lives as they give meanings to us. Here are some pictures of colors which are admired and loved.