Lady Gaga's New Album ''ArtPop'' to be released in April 2013?

The  famous  American  singer  is  coming  with  a new  album  ''Artpop''  which  is  to  be  released  in April  2013. The  change  in  the  release  date  may be  occur  as  she  has  just  recover  from  surgery. She  has  said  in  a  press  conference  that  she  will make  a  party  for  her  fans  when  the  release  date  will  reveal  which  is  probably  this  April. The  album  has  become  famous  before  its  release.  Her album  ''Artpop''  is  all  about  the  rocking  music as  the  pop  singer  has  said  that  she  had  done   effort  and  struggled  for  the  lyrics.

Here are the confirmed songs of her album:

2- Guy (Girl under you)
4-Ratchet feat Azealia Banks
5-Red Flame feat Azealia Banks
7-Sex Dreams

The songs are the kind of different as there is a taste of 90's in some songs. Less rap and more techno. Lady Gaga was much happy when she recorded the album and she related the moments with her previous hit albums. Elton John and Azealia Banks are featuring in duets.

''Born this way'' is the hit album of the Lady Gaga and is still on the top charts. ''Artpop'' is considered as the followup of the album ''Born this way''. Well the album is complete and is ready to launch. You will enjoy, listening the magic of her new album.

You will also see Lindsay Lohan in one of the track video. The title track is ARTPOP. Red One, DJ White Shadow, Fernando Garibay and zed are the producers.

It will released through Interscope Productions. Stay tuned for more news.