Facebook Home: News and Review

Facebook Home is just a new application of Android available on Google play store. As this app is launched on the April 12, 2013, the number of downloads is increasing tremendously and the total downloads in first five days was half a million that is 5,00,000. Isn't it impressive. It seems that Facebook Home app has hit the Google play with full of potential. The pre-loaded Facebook Home app is also available in HTC First which is a newly released smart phone by HTC.

What Facebook Home is about?

The Facebook Home is an app which is available on Google play store. It replaces your standard home screen with the new look which is all concerned with the Facebook stuff. And if you download Facebook messenger with it you can chat with your friends while doing other stuff on your smart phone, for instance: while using other apps. You can see the latest updates from your friends as they happen on your home screen. The notifications are bigger and more easy to interact with.

Facebook Home is available on which smart phones?

Well it is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy Note 2HTC One X and HTC One X+.


Facebook Home is downloaded and downloading with speed from Google play. But after using it many users are suggesting Android that it should have an uninstall option. But many users are loving it and giving five-stars to it. As Facebook have more than billion active users and Android have more or less half billion active accounts. So there must be an increase in number of downloads in coming days.There are people who are curious about the app but after installing they want to get rid off it as there original home has been replaced. Facebook Home's success or failure will be answer to many questions.

If you are using it than tell your review about the Facebook Home in comments.