Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos are one of the oldest in the books, used by the Celts as a war tactic. The Celtic tattoos were more likely to be seen on the Celtic warriors who were more intimidating in a war were more colorful and more tattooed. And from these old times, Celtic tattoos have transformed into an in-Fashion Tattoo art.

As the Celts fought bare chested or naked, so tattoos were prominent on major parts of their bodies. Famous of them were Celtic knots which were found on the upper chest and shoulders. The animals were given a very visually pleasing notation in the Celtic culture and it was displayed in the Celtic tattoos too. So, the Celtic tattoos are a mark of strength and pride and also they look amazing. The variants of Celtic tattoos also include the combination of Celtic and other tattoos.
Check out some Celtic tattoos design down here:

Celtic Tattoo
Celtic tattoo full body

Celtic tattoo eagle

Celtic tattoo design

Celtic Tattoo Design

Celtic Tattoo Arm

Celtic tattoo cross

bright Celtic tattoo

Celtic Tattoo cross back