Android VS Apple - Check Out..!

Android has done a remarkable progress in limited time. Now people have choice to get their gadget which suits them the most. Officials of Apple Inc. were tensed due to the lift of android in the market but now they have accepted that they are no more the only loins. Android is not giving competition to iOS, it is socially accepted that android and iOS both are the leaders of the market. Is Apple iPhone 5 is big disappointment? Are iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1 are the top operating systems? Well a lot of other questions have make officials and developers think to do something extra-ordinary to grab the attentions.
 Both are best in their apps. The things like graphics, camera and other features are discussed deeply. They have also affected the web as they are best in search; windows are also screwed by them because there are no latest windows phones, you will hear except that Nokia Lumia series. Android and iOS are the front line competitors; both are getting positive feedback and making technology more and more advance.