How to extend the battery life of Samsung GALAXY S2?

All Samsung Galaxy S2 users are having fun with what they are using but one thing which annoys them sometimes is the battery life of this smart phone. With Ginger bread as the default Android version Galaxy S2 has remarkable features having HD, an amazing resolution.

Here are some of the cautions you can take for extending battery life of Samsung Galaxy S2.

1- Turn on Wifi only when you are using internet, otherwise turn it off.

2- Remove all useless widgets from you Home screen.

3- Charge your phone after battery reaches the red region ( 15 percent).

4- Charge your phone completely (100 percent).

5- Do nott charge your phone time by time, it will make your battery full but the battery will not give its 100 percent.

6- Restart your smart phone after three or four days. It will clear you RAM and Cache Memory will also be cleared. Further you can take battery out and scratch its golden point with a thin pin. But do this after a month or two.

7- Delete useless applications. They use battery 24/7.

8- Set you brightness to its lowest. Auto brightness also eat battery. You can adjust brightness when showing to someone or  using it on the place where the crowd is around you.

9- Do not set live wallpapers. They also make battery down.

10- Clear you RAM before lock your phone.When you want to close application, touch back button instead of using center button.

Hope this will work for you. Give us your feedback.