Should i grow a Beard?

Beard is back and most of the people around you most probably have one and no doubt about it they look good. This leaves a lot of us wondering that whether we should support a bearded look or not. And if you are reading this you might have your doubts about growing your beards. To clear your doubts, you should and you must have a beard and if this is your first time having a beard you might need a little motivation and we are here to provide you with that little needed motivation.

We have a set of pictures for you to tell that beard is now a global trend and people love it, chicks dig it and it looks awesome and has many advantages. If you don't believe me have a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself, whether you want to be a man or a child or more close to a women.

Still if you have your doubts and you want to look like an infant kid than we can't stop you, shave and scratch away your face. But, as an experiment do try to have a beard sometime so you would notice the confidence and sex appeal to the opposite sex it gives instantly.

Pictures courtesy: Pinterest