High Heels Designs 2013-2014

Pretty high heels blue
Pretty High Heels

High heels are in fashion from a long time and the high heels designs are evolving day by day from the last century or so. In 2013-2014 the high heel designs have became more sophisticated and subtle and the new high heels designs are something every women and girl should check. High Heels are an important part of the formal get up for women and in parties high heels serve the purpose pretty well, and make the women look good.

We have compiled a list of high heel designs which look good and are comfortable to wear, a pretty high heel isn't everything it must be comfortable to wear and should make you feel in power rather than in constant worry of falling down with your heels on. To wear heels you must first check how to walk while wearing heels and in this video the proper posture is discussed so you get the maximum charisma with your heels. Skip the video, if you already know how to do so.

Now that you have learned the basic tips, have a look at these beautiful high heels designs which look remarkable and give you the look you always wanted.

black 2013 high heels

black pretty high heels
Black High Heels

casual high heels women

high heels comfortable

casual heels 2014
Formal High Heels

party high heels

high heels metallic

boot style high heels sexy
Sexy High Heels