Sony Xperia Odin-Next big thing?

The next generation of smartphones is going to be more powerful and attractive, that is promised by the cell phone manufacturers. Sony has released a wide range of cell phones in 2012 and they seem no where close to stop. Starting from Xperia U the NXT series continues to the next level with Xperia ODIN S650X.
Xperia Odin source gsmarena
Xperia Odin is by far the most powerful cell phone in the market leaving big guns like Samsung S3, HTC J, Lumia 920 and iphone 5 far behind when it comes to fast processing, bigger and sharper screen and handy design. Check the Specifications leaked at GSMARENA if you don't believe me.

Processor: Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 1.5 Ghz Krait
Screen: 5" screen 1080p 440 ppi
Camera: 13 mpx Autofocus

The above specs are subject to change when it comes in market, but they are expected to pretty much be the same. While, the amazing point here is that it won't be as expensive as the iphone 5 and will lie below S3 and HTC J. Certainly an amazing thing to consider.