Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United

Wayne Rooney asked for transfer and Sir Alex Ferguson told that "Rooney was not keen to play". Also, it is reported that he was absent from the squad in the last match against swansea, which united won 2-1.

"I don't think Wayne was keen to play, simply because he has asked for a transfer" said Ferguson as the retiring manager of Manchester United. In an interview with Sky Sports Ferguson told that we don't want Rooney to leave united, and he should go away and rethink his decision.

Wayne Rooney has scored 197 goals in 402 appearances from Manchester United and Man-U is his home. David Moyes who is going to be the next manager of Man-U after Ferguson leaves on July 1, 2013 thinks that he could get Rooney on board with him.  While Ferguson repeatedly said that players leaving Man-Utd always want to comeback to their home team.

Ferguson further told,
"He wasn't happy about being taken off a few times this season but a Wayne Rooney in top form wouldn't be taken off."

This isn;t the first time Wayne Rooney wanted to leave MAN U, he also tried to leave in 2010 but stayed. Ferguson said that he will get his head straight and it would be a good idea too.