Water Tattoos

Water Tattoo on Arm

Water Tattoos are pretty common in the tattoo world because water is the world's most abundant element and due to it's free nature and pureness people pick water tattoos. If you are confused about the concepts and creativeness on the idea than you will want to know, what comes in the water tattoo context. All the forms of water along with the creatures could be a part of the water tattoo also the blue color of water could be used.

Starting from simple flowing blue waves to the sea creatures tattoos, all these come in the water tattoo category. The major applications of water tattoos are in variant tattoos, in which you mix up various designs to come up to a single design. This way you get an amazing and unique tattoo, with your water tattoo.
To see some of the examples, checkout the pictures attached below, and hit us with your feedback too.

Water Tattoo on Arm for Men

Water Tattoo on neck

Water Tattoo design for Shoulder